Affordable Treatment for All

Money shouldn’t be a barrier for those hoping to get the treatment they need to get back on their feet.

Our status as a non-profit organization allows us to receive funding from a wide variety of sources, from government aid to personal donations. Our services are available to anyone, regardless of financial situation or insurance coverage.

The cost of treatment varies due to differences in the care an individual needs, a person’s  income level and access to health insurance. Whatever the situation, Odyssey House makes sure anyone can afford the care they need.

Here are some ways Odyssey House keeps care affordable.

  • We accept over 45 different funding sources
  • We focus on in-network contracts with commercial insurance companies
  • We help uninsured patients find public insurance plans
  • We adjust treatment costs for cash-paying clients based on their income levels
  • We use the most cost-effective methods of treatment available and pass the savings to patients
  • Our accounting and administration teams keep our operations lean, mean, and effective across the board

For more information on the cost of treatment, please reach out to us.

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