Extensive Wrap-Around Support

Odyssey House operates various programs that wrap as much support around individuals as possible. From support groups to counseling, activities, and more, patients are given a strong support structure to help them through their struggles. Without strong and continuous support, individuals newly out of treatment are highly susceptible to relapse and risk undoing all of the hard work and dedication they put into their treatment.

Our wrap-around services make it possible for us to treat the entire individual, not just the addiction. Odyssey recognizes that each person comes with their own unique situation and treatment needs to be adapted to meet their needs. Our services allow us to identify and treat every area of a person’s life.

Utah’s Largest Continuum of Care

In addition to wrap-around care, Odyssey House is vertically integrated, meaning we offer a continuum of care that covers the most basic addiction services all the way to the most intensive, all within our organization.

Mild to Moderate Issues

Mild to moderate drug and alcohol issues for adults and teens are treated with lower levels of care. They attend fewer groups and are given less structured in their day-to-day living. Individual therapy, family therapy and case management meetings are provided to those when deemed necessary.

Severe Issues
At the higher levels of the continuum, client services are much more concentrated and take place seven days a week in the day and the evening. Specifically, these patients are intensely involved with groups, peer structure, vocational training, and the milieu. They garner increasing privileges and responsibility as they progress through treatment, eventually assuming leadership roles.

Custom Care, Top to Bottom

Because of our ability to provide all types of care to all types of patients, we can transition people seamlessly into lower or higher levels of care depending on individual need, all while providing the same high-quality services we’re known for. We’ve found that using this continuum of care greatly improves our success rates and is an excellent way to ensure our clients continue to be happy and sober for the rest of their lives.