Real-Life Experience Is the Key to Successful Treatment

Our primary goal is to make treatment as realistic as possible. Often, when people attend resort atmosphere treatment facilities, they are provided amenities and schedules that they would never have in everyday life. Although many of these interventions are calm and relaxing, long term recovery from addiction requires real-life practice. If patients practice recovery in an environment different from regular life, they won’t be prepared to meet real-life challenges after treatment ends.

Life Goes On

In addition to participating in a substance abuse treatment schedule and curriculum — including therapy, groups, and assignments — life goes on as usual for our residents. Each patient is responsible for caring for their basic needs, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and even working and attending school. Adults must learn how to balance their daily responsibilities and manage stress all while focusing on their sobriety.


This model ensures that adults and teens continue to face day-to-day challenges of regular life in a therapeutic setting, giving them the experience and confidence to manage anything that comes their way after leaving care. The hard work our clients invest in their recovery practice will directly apply to their lives after they graduate, making them less prone to relapse.

Real-Life Recovery

We believe that our emphasis on what we call real-life recovery is key to our organization’s high success rates and part of what makes the Odyssey family unique.