Short-Form Testimonials

“ I was admitted to the Odyssey House Parents with Children program on February 7, 2013. I had just given birth to my daughter 2 days before, while I was high. The only reason I was able to leave with her was because I was being taken to Odyssey House. I had no idea how to be a parent, I had no idea how to be sober. I had no idea how to live my life.

The rules and programs Odyssey House gave me showed me how to turn my life around. Showed me how to be an amazing parent, gave me the tools I need to stay sober, not for a few months or even a few years, but for the rest of my life. The network of resources that are available as a graduate is amazing! Without that, or without the tools that being in residential taught me, there is no way I could be where I am today, and there is no way that I could get where I am going! ”

– Alicia Winterstein

“ I became a client of Odyssey House to address an opiate addiction due to pain management.  I have worked closely with the medical staff to treat my pain without the use of narcotics.  Everyone has been very attentive to my needs.  They have offered other orthopedic resources in addition to medication to help treat my disability. These are things I’ve never done on my own that will definitely be key to me staying sober and overcoming my addiction. I truly appreciate their understanding and all they have done for me. ”

– B.G.

“ The Martindale Clinic has helped me and my son in so many ways.  I find so much comfort in going to a clinic who understands addiction. They are very understanding and compassionate to the needs of my son. They take time to explain what they are doing with shots, procedures, exams, etc.  They are very reliable and helpful to explain ways I can help my son and me to manage our nutrition needs.

I feel the Martindale Clinic is an amazing outlet for this community.  When I was struggling with eating and stress they were able to help me get back on track and find ways to be more active and eat healthy. When my son struggled with anxiety and missing school, they helped me with the tools to help support him. Thank you so much. ”

– D.E.

“ I have had such an amazing experience at the Martindale Clinic. I truly appreciate the staff, nurses, and doctors that took on my case. It is a huge relapse trigger for me to be sick and not have anyone believe my symptoms. Not only did Martindale Clinic take the time to treat and listen to me, they took the time to help me get a diagnosis: Pancreatitis. I feel truly cared for, treated, and safe at Martindale Clinic. I will be a patient forever. ”

‐ A.M.

“Thanks to treatment and recovery I have a nice apartment to live in that is a sober environment. I have a drivers license, a nice vehicle with full coverage insurance. I have a good job waiting for me after graduation. I have many sober friends and a amazing support system. My daughter is back in my life and supports me 100%. Most of all I have learned to live and enjoy life without having to use drugs or alcohol. I am truly blessed and happier than I have ever been.”

-Mike B

“Since I have been in treatment my way of thinking has changed and I have a better and more positive outlook on life. I will continue my determination in making sure my spawn and I are happy, healthy and stable. I will also continue to encourage creativity and support growth and inner harmony for both of us.”


Long-Form Testimonial

I moved into transitional housing in February of 2012 with my three kids (after graduating from Odyssey House’s Parents with Children Program). It was a great place to go. We didn’t have anything, just clothes and a few other personal items. The apartment was furnished with everything we needed. Not only did we move into our own apartment but we moved into the same complex with other people from the program that we knew and felt comfortable with. It was not an easy transition. During my inpatient treatment I learned new ways to parent and healthy coping skills to keep me sober.

Moving into an apartment on my own without constant supervision was a temptation to relax and be lazy. I am very thankful we lived with so many peers. I was able to get help to watch my kids when needed or check in whenever. Sometimes I didn’t like living so close to everyone. We all learned in inpatient to hold each other accountable for whatever the reason or concern. I was held accountable by my peers for not holding boundaries with my kids. When I don’t hold boundaries with my kids I get overwhelmed and get triggered to want to use or do something unhealthy. At first I struggled with group and the therapy I was receiving. I wanted to lie and not take responsibility for my actions. As time went on I learned to just be accountable and do what I know is right.

I had a really great therapist. She worked with me and my schedule. She gave me support and listened to me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She was also tough and told me what I needed to hear when I was in my relapse cycle. On top of the personal therapy, I also had group. Group was an uncomfortable place to be sometimes, and other times it was fun. I had a great peer group and staff that were there for support, and also a big source of confrontation. I always bounce ideas off my peers now — something that I picked up from group. I also have a great support system that came from my transitional experience.

After I graduated (from Odyssey House’s Sober Living Program) I was able to stay in the housing until I could move out on my own. I had lots of help for Christmas for my kids while living there. I loved living there, and if I was struggling with my finances they would work with me on paying my rent. I had a lot of support when I had to have surgery and was off work for a few weeks. Even now that I am not living in transitional, I still know that I have support. They have group once a week where I can go to check in with my peers. I also received some donated household items and furniture for my new apartment.

I got a lot from transitional housing and Voyager group. These are just a few of them. I learned so much about myself and what I need to do to keep me and my family healthy. I was able to put the things I learned into practice and make them a habit before being all the way on my own. Recovery is tough. It is important to have support and a place where you can feel safe. The transitional services and graduate services at Odyssey House are and have been my safe places.

– Anonymous, December 2014