Valuable Health Care at Martindale Clinic

Our goal is for patients to receive a health care service experience that is refreshingly different than the kind of treatment that they are most likely accustomed to receiving at other clinics.

Here are some ways Martindale Clinic offers value over many other health care facilities.


Longer Visits
Office visits at our clinic are typically longer than most clinics, which gives you the time you need to tell your whole story, express all of your concerns, and receive full, detailed explanations, education and recommendations from the doctor.

First visits with new patients tend to last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on patient needs and returning visits most often last between 30 to 45 minutes.


More Time with Doctors
Face to face time with the doctor is the most important and effective part of your doctor visit, and we know that our patients are best served when our doctors spend as much time with them as possible. Our doctors are in the room with our patients for the majority of the patient’s visit time.


Patient Education
After any doctor treats a patient in-office, the continued success of that patient’s treatment depends heavily on the quality and comprehensiveness of the education that the patient received during their visit. Because of this, we have dedicated ourselves to providing each patient with thorough education about their health care treatment.

In addition to health care education, our staff also routinely educates patients about how to reduce the costs of their treatment. We regularly refer patients to public health insurance programs and prescription coverage programs, and we will even walk you through the steps you need to take to get covered.


Many Insurances Accepted
We gladly accept a long list of health insurance companies and plans to make our services available to as many people as possible.


Cost-Conscious Treatment
The effects of medical treatment costs on our patients’ health and well-being matters to us, and we believe that medical care costs should fit a patient’s financial circumstances. Here’s how we make treatment cost effective:

  • By accepting numerous insurance policies
  • By educating uninsured patients about how to apply for public health insurance programs
  • By allowing cash payments to be adjusted based on a patient’s income level


Physical & Mental Health Care, Combined
Many physical health issues can contribute to or interact with mental health issues and vice versa. Patients at the Martindale Clinic receive a more holistic treatment approach that recognizes this relationship between physical and mental health.

Our primary physician Dr. Arbogast is both a licensed medical doctor and a licensed psychiatrist who can provide comprehensive care for physical and mental health. Being treated at the same location for physical and mental health concerns is more convenient and more effective. 


Recovery-Friendly Health Care
Patients who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction may be interested to know that the our clinic offers recovery-friendly health care and mental health care treatment.

Recovery-friendly health care treatment means that we are in tune with the medical concerns and needs of individuals in recovery from substance abuse addiction, and we are able to help our patients recognize and prevent relapse much better than the average health care clinic.


Care Coordination Beyond the Norm
Most people have medical histories and current health treatment that span more than one doctor or clinic, and coordinating that past and current care efficiently is critical to proper treatment.

Patients at Martindale can expect a high level of care coordination as we communicate with the other doctors and practices who are treating them. By doing do, we ensure that medical histories are complete and accurate, that important facts and information are incorporated into our treatment decisions and that the other medical professionals treating our patients are aware of the treatment being received at our clinic. If your case is especially complex, we will even coordinate with medical specialists in the area for referrals and consultations.


About the Martindale Clinic
The Martindale Clinic is located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah at 340 East 100 South.

We are open to the public and accept new patients by appointment. To schedule an appointment at our clinic, call us at (801) 428-3500 or Contact Us.

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