Speak with an admissions counselor for a free pre-screening to help guide you in the best direction for care.


Once you have all of your questions answered and feel comfortable with Odyssey, schedule a time to admit into treatment.


Make sure you bring all your required paperwork for your admissions meeting. Get ready for lifelong recovery!

Please contact us at 801-322-3222 to begin the intake process. Our admissions staff will provide a free pre-screening to help us guide you in the best direction. Although we would prefer that you call to schedule an appointment, we will happily take walk-ins before 3 pm on weekdays to conduct a brief screening to determine eligibility. We are here for you and will help you every step of the way.

Funding Options for Treatment

Odyssey House has many long-standing contracts in place with multiple institutions to find as many funding options for you as possible. Besides your insurance carrier (we are in-network for SelectHealth, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna but accept many other insurance policies), you may wish to explore other funding sources to pay for or defray the cost of our Salt Lake City drug and substance abuse rehab plans. Here is a detailed list of our partnerships: These insurance companies have set rates for our treatment plans because they back the effectiveness of our methods.

Cash Pay Options

  • All major credit cards
  • Affordable rates (read more about our value)
  • Agency agreements with various religious groups

Government Contracts

  • Utah Medicaid – and currently accepting new Utah Medicaid patients
  • Nevada Medicaid
  • Veterans Administration
  • Salt Lake County, Utah
  • Utah County, Utah
  • Bear River Behavioral Health
  • Davis Behavioral Health
  • Central Utah Counseling
  • Valley Mental Health Summit
  • Valley Mental Health Tooele
  • San Juan Counseling
  • Southwest Behavioral
  • Clark County, Nevada

What to Bring for Admission

  • Complete online application
  • Copy of social security card
  • Copy of all insurance card(s), i.e., dental, medical, etc. (front and back)
  • Completed admissions documents and signature pages
  • Records from any past treatment episodes, current health records, psychological exams, etc., if available

What to Bring to Inpatient Care

  • 30 day supply of all medications taken at the time of admission
  • Personal hygiene items (e.g. makeup, brushes, face wash, hair spray/gel, blow dryer, flat-iron)
  • Clothing: 8 sets of shirts and pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Wintertime clothing (jacket, sweaters, gloves, snow cap, heavy coat and snow boots)
  • One set of “best dress” clothing
  • 2 pairs of shoes including dress shoes, 1 set slippers and 1 set flip-flops
  • Unlimited undergarments and socks
  • 2 pajamas and/or bathrobe
  • Belts of proper length with no engravings
  • Family photo and religious items
  • Do not bring: tobacco, cell phones, electronics, watches, wallets, cars, cash, cologne, perfume, aerosol sprays or jewelry of any kind. No immodest clothing, leggings, cut off shorts, spaghetti straps or inappropriate clothing depicting bands, drugs, alcohol, or sports teams.