teen-outpatient-nobgTeen Outpatient Rehabilitation

Is your teen struggling with an addiction, but doesn’t know where to turn? The Odyssey House teen outpatient program might be right for your teenager. With in-home interventions and classes designed to teach teenagers about the risks of abusing drugs or alcohol, the Odyssey House teen outpatient program helps adolescents identify and neutralize their triggers in order to overcome an addiction.

Our certified mental health therapists will study your teen’s lifestyle, behavior, history of drug use, mental health and family history in order to provide an in-depth substance abuse and mental health assessment for you teen. A formal assessment is a great place to start for teens who have begun experimenting with drugs or alcohol, and can provide significant insight as to the next path to take.

In-Home Interventions and Treatment

If you suspect your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, you don’t have to confront the issue alone — Odyssey House is here to help. Our In-Home Services offer a way out to teenagers who are struggling with an addiction — all in the comfort of their own home.

In-home interventions include:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Parental skill building

Odyssey House in-home treatment is a 12-week program designed for 13–17 year-olds with a history of mild or moderate drug use. Our professional therapists meet teenagers in the home and address teen substance abuse and the approaches necessary to overcome it. Treatment consists of Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Systems Theory and Structural and Multidimensional Family Therapy practices designed to increase family communication, conflict resolution and teach your teen coping and substance refusal skills.

By meeting in the home rather than the rehabilitation center, outpatient treatment finds teenagers more comfortable in their environment and provides privacy, less resistance to therapy and eliminates transportation costs. As both parents and teens have access to drug and alcohol abuse education, parents are more equipped to address substance abuse with their teen.

Prime for Life® Education Classes

Odyssey House partners with Prime for Life® to provide drug and alcohol abuse education classes for teens struggling with substance abuse. Prime for Life® is a four day, 16-hour class series that helps teens better understand the risks of getting involved with drugs and alcohol. Odyssey House Prime for Life® classes are both affordable and easily accessible for the family, and family members can attend classes free of charge.

  • Education topics include:
  • What is addiction & impairment
  • Common alcohol abuse factors
  • Biological risk factors
  • Dangers of prescription drugs
  • The effects of alcohol on the brain
  • And more!

If you are worried that your teen is abusing substances but don’t think inpatient care is necessary, Prime for Life® education is a great way for teens to get all the information they need to make informed choices about drugs and alcohol in the future.