Single Parents With Children Rehabilitation Treatment

When you’re a single mother or father with children, finding time for yourself can be difficult. And for single mothers and fathers who are also struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the idea of leaving your children to go to rehab seems like an impossible choice.

With the Odyssey House Mothers and Fathers with Children program, parents can get the residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment they need without having to worry about leaving their children behind. Our residential program treats single parents and their children together — while the parent receives comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment, children receive therapeutic daycare treatment for neglect, trauma and abuse they may have experienced from living with an addicted parent.

All children under the age of nine qualify for the program, as well as pregnant women. Our program specializes in care for single parents with dependent children; if both parents are in need of care, one parent may enroll in our Adult Residential Treatment program while the other is enrolled in the Parent program.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Odyssey House works to provide a supportive family environment through our evidence-based Modified Therapeutic Community model, a model recognized by national agencies such as SAMHSA as a highly effective best-practice approach to parent addiction. Through our supportive therapeutic community, single parents and their children can receive the familial love and support they need.

Rather than just treating the outward symptoms of addiction, our parent program tackles the underlying causes of addiction by promoting comprehensive lifestyle changes. In addition to learning how to overcome their addictions, mothers and fathers learn how to be better parents and live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Odyssey House, we’ve seen all too many single mothers and fathers turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a way of coping with the stresses of single parenthood and co-occurring mental health disorders. In order to combat this, we offer comprehensive mental health and dual diagnosis services to help parents struggling with mental health disorders get better and eradicate the underlying source of addiction.

Our specialized Dual Diagnosis Enhanced treatment program provides specialized care for parents struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders and antisocial personality disorders. With a treatment staff of licensed mental health professionals, we can treat parent addiction at its source — and help you stay sober for longer.

Behavioral Intervention

As a single parent, living with a drug or alcohol addiction contributes to many unhealthy behaviors that can make it exceedingly difficult to be a good parent to your child. Faced with a crippling addiction, many parents come to our program at risk of losing their jobs, their homes and even losing the custody of their children.

At Odyssey House, we offer numerous behavioral interventions to help parents learn how to deal with the daily stresses of parenthood in a healthy and productive way. By teaching parents positive parenting and other essential life skills, we help families accomplish the kinds of holistic, lifelong changes that last for generations.

Children’s Services Program

Many children of parents living with drug and alcohol addictions experience neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, abandonment and other emotional issues — often starting from a young age. These early life experiences can have a significant impact on a child, and can hinder intellectual ability, emotional and physical development.

The Odyssey House Children’s Services Program was created to address children’s past traumas and attachment issues and give kids a chance to experience the rest of their childhood in a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to their needs. Through our program, children learn how to trust, develop positive self-esteem and build healthy relationships with adults and other children around them.

Our therapeutic daycare services give children the individual attention they need through counseling and therapeutic activities tailored specifically to their age and developmental level. Children engage in daily recreational activities both with their parent and with their class. This way, children get to learn what it’s like to live with a sober mother or father as a happy, healthy family unit.

Through a special partnership with the Salt Lake City School District, school-age children have the opportunity to continue their education while they are undergoing treatment. Children attend school during the day and return to the program after school for therapy sessions and continued treatment.

As parent and child spend time together within our supportive therapeutic community environment, they rebuild the essential family structure of love and trust. Growing together throughout their time in treatment, families graduate from the Odyssey House Single Parents With Children program with a strong family bond through which they can further grow and develop.