Adult Outpatient Rehabilitation

For adults who are just beginning to show signs of drug or alcohol addiction, the Odyssey House adult outpatient program is here to help. If you or a family member is experiencing trouble at work, a change in behavior or familial stress due to drugs or alcohol, it might be time to consider outpatient care.

The Odyssey House adult outpatient program consists of a total 32 group therapy sessions, with sessions held in twice a week for 16 weeks. Sessions are held in the evenings to accommodate for work and school schedules.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Odyssey House intensive outpatient program is designed for adults who need more help getting their drug or alcohol use under control, but are either unwilling or unable to commit to an inpatient program. Based in Salt Lake City, the Odyssey House intensive outpatient program is as rigorous as you can get without enrolling in inpatient care — meaning you get the benefits of an intensive program with the flexibility of staying in control of your personal life.

The program consists of 16 hours of group therapy and an individual therapy session per week, or more if necessary. Intensive outpatient sessions are held in the evenings to accommodate for work and school schedules.

Group and individual therapy sessions address:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health disorders
  • Personal & familial relationships
  • Lifestyle
  • Behaviors
  • Physical health
  • Overall attitude

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Assessment

Unsure if you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse? Stop by Odyssey House for a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse assessment. Our professional staff members examine substance abuse history, past treatment and substance abuse-related health and relationship issues. Personal assessments include a Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI), a substance abuse diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

In-Depth Drug and Alcohol Abuse Assessment

Odyssey House also offers a more in-depth personal assessment that features a mental health screening and behavioral assessment in addition to the basic drug and alcohol abuse assessment. This assessment includes a substance abuse history evaluation, mental health evaluation, lifestyle assessment, family history evaluation, a SASSI and treatment recommendation. This assessment satisfies requirements for work, school and legal organizations.

PRIME for Life® DUI Class

Odyssey House partners exclusively with Utah DUI Class (link to to offer PRIME for Life® DUI class series. This 16-hour class series teaches students about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and satisfies all DUI or underage drinking-related court requirements.

Odyssey House is the largest certified provider of the 16-hour PRIME for Life® class series in the state of Utah — we offer seven separate classes per month. Our program is also the fastest in the state, with classes taking place over four consecutive Saturdays at our locations in downtown Salt Lake City. Students have up to 30 days to complete the four classes in the order of the curriculum.

Our PRIME for Life® classes are also recommended for individuals who have only just recently become involved with drugs and alcohol. Family members of students can attend classes for free, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the effect drug and alcohol abuse can have on a person’s life.

In addition to serving adults and juveniles, our class series is also offered as service training to judges, attorneys and law enforcement.