Free Aftercare for Life. Always.

Our support network is one of the greatest things about the care we provide. The support you get after our program is as important as the programs themselves, and at Odyssey House, lifetime support is free for life.

After initial treatment, graduates of our programs have access to a large network of individuals who have been down many of the same roads, all working together to stay happy, healthy, and sober.

Our Graduate Group

Those who have graduated from our program meet weekly for two or more hours to provide support and maintain a positive social network. This group is facilitated by licensed substance abuse counselors.

Graduates of any of our programs are eligible to participate, as well as clients who did not graduate, but have demonstrated a commitment to sobriety and prosocial living. We also pay for a monthly recreational activity to foster increased involvement and retention within the group. These activities also provide opportunities for people to try new activities and learn how to have fun in a sober setting.

Our Recovery Support Group

The recovery support group consists of individuals who have engaged in treatment at Odyssey House at any time and who are still working toward sobriety. These clients have either relapsed to substances or negative behaviors recently or have demonstrated a need for more intense support in other ways. The recovery support group meets weekly for two hours or more and is facilitated by a licensed mental health therapist.

Sober Housing and Aftercare Support

We also offer service-supported sober transitional housing as an aftercare support for graduates. Many graduates are already living in the transitional housing units at the time of their graduation and continue to live there at a subsidized rate until they are able to develop the resources necessary to move out on their own. Sometimes this involves things like saving to pay a deposit on an apartment or to purchase furniture. All clients who are living in transitional housing engage in a weekly transitional group focused on independent living skills, such as budgeting.

Aftercare Contacts

Alumni Calendar

April 5, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time 6 pm
Readings: 6 pm Tracy A and 7 pm John K and Celia
Facilitator: Albert Ochoa

April 10, 2017
Administration – Pillar Room
Time 6 pm
Group: Readings: 6 pm Vaneicee R 7 pm Danielle D
Facilitator: Michael Allgier

April 17. 2017
GALA – 6 pm

April 24, 2017

Please review calendar periodically as there may be changes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael anytime. 801-573-1331.